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25 January
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Hi, there :) Write it for you who are interested enough to view my profile page.
- My real name is Jessica. Mostly used Sei as my username. My friends called me Jessi, Jess, J, Si, and more nickname in the way. You can call me what ever you want, never hurt to have more nickname :D
- I'm Indonesian and live in Indonesia. Currently still studying at University. Hopefully, will be graduate soon *pray*
- I love Arashi and Nino biased :D

I enjoy :
-reading (mostly adventure and fantasy novels, fandom fanfics, mangas)
-watching (mostly Arashi, dramas, movies)
-chatting with my friends
-writing (although I'm failed most of the time)
-cuddling with my dogs :D
-and much more

Another things I love beside Arashi:
-piercings; currently have 5 piercings in total. 3 in my right ear, 2 in left.
-my dogs
-others that I can't think about right now

Other social medias where you can find me : YM, facebook, twitter, tumblr, dreamwidth, instagram, line, path (maybe others that I forgot to state). Rarely posting, most of them I used to stay in touch with my friends. Just ask if you want to know my other IDs or if you want me to add you back in LJ :D (because I'm a bit hesitant to add someone if I never have some communication beforehand xD)