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31 December 2012 @ 12:14 am
Hmm, been wondering if I should do this or not and decide I think I want to XD
One of my reason is just because it will be easier for me to find it again. This list won't be alphabethical *or not yet..., for now* and all mostly Nino-centric except a few gen fics ^^ All information (ratings, genre, pairings and others) from the author and a few added by me. Fics link after author username is my favorite one :D
So, of to the list..

For the one who is interested...Collapse )

The keep going list, in which will end if I stop reading Arashi fanfics XD
Give me suggestion? :) Expecially if you think I will like the stories and also anything good with Nino in it :p

For author whose fic/s is/are listed here and want me to take it down please tell me and I will do it ^^
PS : slowly updated 2013/06/29
PSS : thanks for your recommendation domoarigatoyo, I've read all your recommendation but haven't update it here :p
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25 May 2015 @ 04:34 am

Some of you might have know that December last year I took a trip to Japan. (December 14th, 2014 - January 2nd, 2015)
This trip is the second time I went to Japan!
It’s been a few months since the trip but I haven’t written it here which I need to do soon (before Digitalian DVD is out!) so here I’m writing it down.
Beware that it's a long post xD


Summary :
1. I bought many things at Japan.
2. I still want to go to Japan again and visits many places I haven't been.
3. I need to try another croquette soba.
4. A・RA・SHI A・RA・SHI for dream~


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17 November 2014 @ 01:17 am
Hello~! *waving*

I'm a bit antsy for a past few weeks so rarely opened LJ and when I do, I just browse through. The reason is below xD

Since I have promised to someone that I'll inform her about my plan to go to Japan this year, I wrote this post :D Oh, yeah, I'm going to Japan this year in December with two other friend (L and N) :3

What the purpose? It's because I will attend Arashi concert! Yay~

Read more...Collapse )

Btw, I'll leave on December 14th and back home on January 2nd :))

PS : Wow, a pretty long post *_* Very rare if it's come from me xD

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07 July 2014 @ 02:21 am
Hi? :D
Actually just want to update a bit because I rarely do that :3

I've been playing Pazudora for a while now *blame Arashi for that*. I managed to download and play it on my phone though it's not available in my country. I installed the US version and I want to instal the Japanese version but my phone memory is not that big so I scratch that idea. It would be great if I can played it through bluestack on my laptop, sadly for now no android application for PC can handle Pazudora :/
Btw, those Pazudora plushies is so cute that I want to buy them. xD

Also, Arashi is very busy this year too, I mean, more than usual. They said they don't want to do large scale event for this 15th year anniversary but they have some announcement/releases/events every month. I don't event remember where I read about that.
July : LOVE DVD/BR release
August : Pikanchi 2.5
September : Arashi Blast in Hawaii
October : probably new album release
November - December : concert
Also, it's not included every member own works like Sho's Music Day this July or maybe more group work like Kouhaku (it's not decided yet but, who knows :3).
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31 March 2014 @ 12:09 am
Hi LJ, been a long time already :3
How's doing around here? I think I missed a lot of thing :x

About Arashi latest news : I can't wait for Nino and Ohno new drama :D
Once again Ohno will get to sing insert song (? I think xD) for his new drama and Arashi will also sing the theme song? (where did I read it again? I can't find the source...) while it's been decided that Arashi's new song titled GUTS! is Nino's drama theme song.

Other news is from me, I've had a chance to go to Japan last week! Yay~ It's a short trip from 22-27 March, so short and I still have many thing I want to do there. I've told a few of my friends about this and while at it, I want to share my experience here :D

warning : It's a bit fuzy, not that detail and might be not that understandable xD

here to read more :DCollapse )

Over all it's a satisfiying and tiring 5 days :D I want to go there again and stayed longer next time :3
See you again Japan~ Hope I can go there for another reason next time (Arashi's 15th concert) :D

PS : wow, it's along post this time :D
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17 September 2013 @ 02:08 am
So, like the title said.. I changed my layout :pp
Still have a bit problem tough, hopefully will sort it out soon after I get the right code :pp Unintentionally, I choose Matsumiya colors :DD Oh, new header too :3 Actually choose the layout to match with the header, or that's my intention is XD

And a few days before, my current fandom begin their 14th years :)) I'm as a fans feel so proud of them ^^ Please continue your rainbow and makes us happy XD Don't lose with your age :D

PS : the fastest update ever in my journal tough it's short :p
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09 September 2013 @ 12:56 am
Monday, 9 September 2013
12.56 AM
Wish list, la, la, la~~
If I have more money I won't have this post in my journal :p

Arashi concert goods
- Time concert phone strap >> it's cute, you know
- Popcorn concert Earphone Jack all 5 colors >> I want to collect them all :pp
- Penlight >> the one I like is Arafes 2012, Beautiful World and Scene, so, from one of them :))
- Beautiful World T-shirt >> if there is nothing wrong with the pre-order I should have get it now >.< *graaaaoo~!*
- Beautiful World bag >> it's just hard to resist

Arashi CD/DVD (if possible, all in LE or First press)
- Beautiful World Album >> I like this album songs
- Scene Album >> this one too
- Time Album >> and so is this one
- Arafes 2012 DVD >> hmm, maybe I should scratch it from my list :p
- Time DVD >> my favorite concert, I should have it

Ugh, a pretty long list of wanted goods... In any case, I want to shorten it.
Btw, they are not in particular order..
I decide to post something different to celebrate the born day of my beloved man :p
Beside my usual post with picture I want to add some gifs in this post. Well, not the best gifs because I'm new with this but I think it's pretty hard to find some nice scene to be made into gifs XD

This way please :pCollapse )

Note : All videos credit to uploader, pictures credit to scanner, gifs made by me :DD
Note 2 : Late, again XD Sorry Nino, I'm just your lazy fangirl :p and I'm always distracted when I need to choose some pics
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28 January 2013 @ 03:21 pm

バースデープレゼント >///<

Bonus for tegohika, Aiba icon *pointing user pic* XDD
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26 January 2013 @ 11:35 am

Sorry for this lateness..
First, I'm a bit lazy yesterday so I think I will post this a bit late, which I will regret later because somehow photobucket really irritated me and thus I can't post this in time.

After all, happy 31th birthday Sakurai Sho XD

That aside, Platina Data preview really makes me curious. I want to watch it, now XDD
And Breathless as theme song. I've heard the preview and I love this song. I think I won't regret that I take LE B for pre-order. Can't wait to see both Calling and Breathless PV preview >.< This just what I think but, this song have a good match with the movie.

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